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Je m'appelle Mrs. Sikaddour

I love to teach languages, and share cultural experiences.
We learn not only words but about the people and their customs.
We fight ignorance and encourage acceptance.

I was born and educated in France. My parents were from Spain where most of my extended family still leave, the others are in France.  I have relatives in 5 continents !
I am the very proud mom of two boys. One is serving in the US Air Force, one attends the College of Engineering at UT Austin.
My husband and I have the same academic background in Sciences. He is still in the IT field. After working as an engineer for 10 years in France , I started teaching French at University of Colorado in Colorado Springs and to the NORAD Canadian Air Force Officers, then French and Spanish at Colorado State University in Fort Collins for 4 years. When we moved to Tomball, I decided to join the School District my own children were attending.
My husband and myself enjoy passionate discussions as well as reading, travelling, and cooking. One big difference in hobbies: he is a talented photographer , which I am not!


Recent Posts

We just mailed close to 100 post cards to the students of a French Elementary School to participate in their project "Voyage autour du monde".


 Study at least 10 minutes everyday!

 Use the online link for interactive activities:  Go to

1. Practice everyday over what we worked on in class: do and redo as many activities as you can.
2. Reading out loud helps to acquire the language in a natural way.
3. Memorize new vocabulary: listen to, read and repeat, repeat, repeat the words, and repeat some more (doing it in front of the miroir is fun, recording and listening to oneself is also)


We received a Thank You Letter from The Mayor of Paris, France in regards to the testimonies of love and support sent by the students of French classes in November 2015 after the terrorists attacks in Paris.

Tutoring is Thursdays and Fridays 3:00-3:45

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