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About Student Council
Student Council is a student-led organization made up of elected and non-elected members. The Student Council leads activities such as Homecoming, and Spirit Week. We also promote community involvement and many other programs that are designed to educate and encourage students to live a safe and healthy lifestyle. Meetings are usually monthly and last from 15-60 minutes (depending on upcoming council events). 

As a member of the Student Council, you are expected to participate in a variety of activities. Some of the responsibilities are as follows: paying dues, making posters, bringing supplies, community service projects, dressing appropriately on theme days, and much more. You are expected to abide by the Student Council Constitution. The main idea of the constitution is that you will be a student above reproach and set an example of moral and ethical living for all. (If you would like a copy of the Constitution, see below.) Additionally, all members must complete the minimum number of points on each month's point sheet.
Stay Connected
Text @tmhsstuco to 81010       
Follow us on Twitter & Instagram: @tmhs_stuco
Why should I join Student Council?
  1. Networking: The easy and best way to network with students who have similar interests.
  2. Social Skills: As a student, you want to learn how to talk to other people from different backgrounds.
  3. Personal development: Your communication skills will improve because you are interacting with different people. You may learn even more if you are on the Executive Council or Committee Chair Team. You learn to balance education and organizational work focusing on your goals.
  4. Leadership Skills: If you become part of the Student Council or especially the Executive Council or Committee Chair Team, you take up the responsibility or challenge to be a leader and you learn what it takes to be a leader. The schools help you by giving you training and instilling those good leadership skills.
  5. Organization and Management Skills: Many of us are not familiar with how an organization works and how to manage everything. If you are on the executive board you get to learn how fundraising works, how finances work, how to market for event, and how to work as a team. It helps you in the long run for your job or if you are opening your own business.
  6. Friendships and Fun: Life is not just about careers and making money. It is about building friendships and having fun. You get a chance to meet people and build good friendships. You will be part of the social activities and will have so much fun!
  7. Additional Perks: Letter Jacket after 2 years of active membership, Graduation Cords after serving a year on the Executive Council or on a permanent committee.
How Do I Join?
Get your forms at Wildcat Camp or Stop by Room 2101
  1. Read the Constitution
  2. Complete the forms and bring them to 2101:
    • Member Information and Agreement Page
    • Extra-Curricular Form
    • Drug Testing Consent Form
    • Pay your dues (must be paid each year)
  3. Get your T-shirt when you pay your dues (any time after school)
Dates to Remember
September 10 
October 8 
November 12
December 10 (2101, PM only)
January XX 
February XX
March XX
Point Sheet Due Dates
1st Nine Weeks: October 8
2nd Nine Weeks: December 10
3rd Nine Weeks: February 
4th Nine Weeks: May
Important Links
Community Service Log (for your records)
Submit Community Service Hours for Verification: X2Vol