1 Principles of Education 2020-1

Course Description

Principles of Education and Training is designed to introduce learners to the various careers available within the Education and Training Career Cluster. Students use self-knowledge as well as educational and career information to analyze various careers within the Education and Training Career Cluster. Students will develop a graduation plan that leads to a specific career choice in the student's interest area. -------------------------------------- Unit #1: Employability Skills | Unit #2: History of Education | Unit #3: Schools and Society | Unit #4: Exploring Careers in Education through Self-Assessment | Unit #5: Programs of Study in the Field of Education (Administrative Support + Professional Support) | Unit #6: Teaching and Training (Teaching as a Profession, Becoming a Teacher) | Unit #7: Teaching Methods and Practices Unit #8: Classroom Management | Unit #9: Understanding the Learner | Unit #10: Professional Portfolio and Career Planning | Online Glossary: https://www.g-wonlinetextbooks.com/teaching-2016/450

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