Course Description

Howdy Wildcat Nation!

First and foremost, please know that YOU are missed and loved! I so hoped to see every one of your smiling faces when we returned from Spring Break. I so hoped to hear your stories and then refocus you to the math lesson. Unfortunately, that is not the plan this year and we are going to approach things a bit differently.

Today our first lesson and engagement activity are posted. It begins a learning experience different than most of us have ever been exposed to, but I have faith that with commitment from each of us, we can do more than “make it work” or “just get by.”

This website will no longer be updated daily. Through Google Classroom, I will post video lessons, engagement activities and assignments. The videos will prepare you to complete the engagement activities and assignments. Please note that engagement activities will not be taken for a grade, but are well researched and HIGHLY suggested, and they will prepare you to be more successful on the assignments that are taken for a grade. I am not asking you to “wing it” or “do enough to get by” without help. Just like at school, I will have tutorial hours throughout the week. I will do my best to be available at some point every day but an “Office Hours”/Tutorial Hours sheet will be posted to Google Classroom for you to see which Algebra I Teacher is available at which time. If you cannot reach me, do not hesitate to reach out to Mrs. Bialorucki, Mrs. Koster or Coach Wiesmann.

This week you will have two Engagement Activities. Today, I am asking you to fill out a two question survey in regards to accessing our Google Classroom and calculator. Wednesday, your first video lesson paired with an engagement activity will be posted.

Please remember to contact me if you have any questions!

Love you all so much!
Mrs. Gest
Algebra I and Algebra II
Tomball Memorial High School