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German Club Officer Meeting Wed. 9/11/19 after school!

This meeting is just for our newly elected club officers so that we can plan our semester.


German Club officer elections will be held tomorrow (Wed.) after school from 2:55-3:30 p.m. All German students who would like to run for an officer position must fill out an officer application (attached). Students received this form from me today. This form is due Friday (Sept. 6), but students should bring it tomorrow to give their 1-2 minute speech for which there are three questions the students must answer on the application. A parent/guardian must sign the bottom of the application and a TMHS staff member must recommend the student. This officer application form is due to me from all elected club officers by this Friday, Sept. 6th.
Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

German Club Officer Elections WEDNESDAY

German Club officer elections will be held at the next club meeting this coming Wednesday, Sept. 4th from 2:55-4:00 p.m. in the German classroom. Any German students seeking an officer position must attend this meeting unless a conflict is unavoidable that will not impede the student from attending club and officer meetings in the future. On Tuesday, Sept. 3rd, all German students seeking a position will receive an officer application which must be filled out by the student, requires an endorsement from a TMHS staff member, and a parent/guardian signature. This form should be brought to the club meeting on Wed., Sept. 4th, but can be turned in as late as Friday, Sept. 6th. Any student elected to an officer position on Wednesday who hasn't submitted this form will be elected upon the condition of submission of the form fully completed by Friday. Elected students who do not turn in the form by Friday will lose their position to the person with the next highest number of votes for that position. Please contact the German teacher, Mrs. Bauske, if you have any questions:

First German Club Meeting of the School Year: TOMORROW

German Club will have its first meeting of the school year, tomorrow, Wednesday (8/28/19), after school from 2:55-4:00 p.m. in the German classroom 1406B. All German students and any TMHS students interested in the German language and culture are welcome to attend. German-style refreshments will be served. Our two exchange students from Telgte, Germany, Tomball's sister city, will also attend. Come by to meet them and practice your German! We will also plan our semester and set parameters for running for a club officer position. Any students who would like to seek a club officer position must attend this meeting.

Email sent home to parents/guardians: First Week

Hello, Parents and Guardians of TMHS German Students!
My name is Brenda Bauske, and I am the TMHS German teacher. My students call me "Frau Bauske" ("Mrs. Bauske"). We've had a great couple of days in German class to start off our school year. I have been delighted to meet your student and look forward to working with you all and introducing you to the many opportunities available to German students at TMHS this year. 
There are a few important matters I need to bring to your attention. 
1) Supplies for class: please provide your student with a 3-ring binder (1 or 1 1/2 inch will suffice), a set of 5 dividers for the binder (students may use colored paper or post-it notes on the side of paper to create sections instead of buying dividers), loose-leaf paper for inside the binder, and pens/pencils by Monday, Aug. 26th
2) Please subscribe to two of my pages on my teacher website to receive class updates: first, my "Introduction" page, and second, your student's class page located via a link on the bottom of the "Introduction" page. Here is a link for my "Introduction" page (click on "subscribe" on the right side, return to the "Introduction" page, scroll down and select the appropriate class page, and click "subscribe" again, so you are subscribed to both):
3) There are many opportunities available to TMHS German students both in and outside the classroom this year. Students are encouraged to join German Club ("Deutschklub"), earn membership into the German Honor Society, participate in our field trips ("German Saturday" in November), volunteer at the Tomball German festivals (there are two yearly - one in December and one in March/April), compete in regional and state German contests in February, and even join me in traveling to Germany in the summer of 2021 (we'll start signing up for the trip this fall). More specific information will be coming to you once our busy first week is over.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not reply to this email but rather send me an email to or call and leave me a message at (281) 357-3230 ext. 1049. I am happy to discuss them with you.
Beste Grüße (Best regards),
Brenda Bauske
TMHS German Teacher