TMHS Valedictorian: Kareena Pal Sharma

Kareena Pal Sharma
TMHS Valedictorian

What are your plans after you graduate from Tomball Memorial High School?
“After graduation, I will be attending the Canfield Business Honors Program at the University of Texas at Austin. I am very excited to be joining this highly selective program with a class size of 120 talented students selected from 1,600 who applied. This exclusive program, housed in the top-ranked McCombs Business program, will further enhance my leadership acumen. The small class sizes of the honors business program will enable my ability to forge meaningful connections and learn in an interactive atmosphere. I look forward to my next chapter and the many incredible opportunities that UT and the vibrant city of Austin will offer me.” 

What has been the best part about attending Tomball Memorial High School?
“The best part of my TMHS journey has been my involvement in the numerous clubs and organizations. Throughout my four years, I have taken part in Key Club, Mu Alpha Theta, NHS, SNHS, BPA, and NAHS. I have been able to grow my leadership, make friends, and have fun through these activities. Key Club, which is a national service organization, holds a special place in my heart as service is a cornerstone of my belief system. Volunteering and giving back to the community has been a passion of mine since a young age. Serving as President of Key Club this year allowed me the opportunity to share my passion with others and inspire them to make a difference through service as well.”

What will you miss the most about high school?
“I’ll definitely miss my teachers at TMHS. They have provided a supportive environment and always done whatever they could to enable my ability to excel. I found teachers who would stay behind to help me when I was unsure. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. I have seen the passion in their teaching and witnessed firsthand their ability to go above and beyond in their job making TMHS feel like a home for me. Not often do you find these special kinds of teachers who put so much effort into their job but I found those at TMHS. Their bright smiles in the morning and sweet words of positivity and encouragement are things that I will miss after leaving TMHS.”

What did you learn from your high school experience that you will take with you into college?
“I am honored to be a part of the resilient TMHS Class of 2020. I am grateful for the opportunity to have grown alongside so many talented and passionate students and teachers that sincerely care for your success. Throughout my four years in high school, not only did I learn and earn a quality education from an academic perspective, I learned some bigger lifelong lessons which I’ll take with me into the future. I learned about fostering good friendships. I learned about making connections with exceptional teachers. I learned that one always needs to take time to have fun and fulfill your own passions. Most of all, I personally have learned that through hard work and a strong belief in yourself, you can achieve anything and make your own mark.”

Who would you like to thank?
“Although this isn’t the way I had envisioned ending my senior year, it has given me time to pause and reflect on my four years. Most importantly, it has given me the ability to see the silver lining in every situation. There are so many people I can thank for helping me throughout my four years at TMHS.  My family has definitely had the biggest impact on me. They have always supported me and celebrated my accomplishments. They have been my “rock” throughout high school. My sister who graduated from TMHS three years ago has always set a good example for me and is someone I always looked up to. I am lucky to have had so many special teachers that have always encouraged me as I reached my goals. And to everyone else who I have become close friends with or simply just met throughout my 4 years, thank you for making my high school experience so memorable. I will cherish all the memories and experiences at TMHS as I take on my next chapter in life.”

An article from the Potpourri/Chronicle on Kareena.