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Bienvenidos Wildcats!
My name is Ana Dawson and I am pleased to be a Spanish teacher here at Tomball Memorial High School. For the 2019-2020 school year, I will be teaching Spanish 1 and Spanish 2.  This is my first year working for TISD where I have been welcomed by a friendly, caring, and dedicated staff that truly have your children's needs at heart. 
I grew up on the border town of Laredo, TX where I was fortunate enough to experience Mexican and American cultures.  Living in Laredo was truly bi-cultural experience.  Spanish was my first language as my family moved to the U.S. from Mexico when I was two years old.  Like many of my peers, I grew up speaking both English and Spanish.  Being bilingual has aided me throughout my life.  My mother always said, "You count for two people if you are bilingual." (Cuando sabes dos idiomas cuentas por dos.) 
My desire is to help all of my student attain bilingualism and reap the benefits of knowing two languages. As your student's teacher my focus is to make sure that every single student finds a place to belong and a passion to pursue a love for learning that will serve them well beyond the year they spend with me.  I will establish a learning environment where students can reach their highest potential as we explore Spanish and make connections to the cultures in our communities and this great big world that awaits them!    
Please feel free to call, text with Remind 101 or send a note if you have any concerns.  My contact information is listed below, and Remind 101 is posted as a link. 
Welcome to my classes! I look forward to this year's success! 
Ana Dawson
281-357-3230 ext. 1160
conference period: 3rd (9:30-10:25)