Digital Citizenship

Learn about Digital Citizenship with this short video from Common Sense Media.
Digital Citizenship is appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use.

9 Elements of Digital Citizenship by Mike Ribble:

  1. Digital Access - The principle that not everyone has equal access to technology.
  2. Digital Commerce - Buying and selling good online safely.
  3. Digital Communication - Sharing in formation online properly and safely.
  4. Digital Literacy - Ongoing education on how to use digital technology.
  5. Digital Etiquette - Using technology following a respectable code of conduct.
  6. Digital Law - The lawful use of technology and content found online.
  7. Digital Rights & Responsibilites - You have freedom on the Internet but also a responsibility to act responsibly.
  8. Digital Health & Wellness - Physical and psychological well being in a digital world.
  9. Digital Security - Protect your safety online.
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