UIL Academics

Sponsor: Janet Stackhouse

Statement of Purpose:

The University Interscholastic League believes

that most student enjoy the pursuit of excellence and seek opportunity to test themselves against their own accomplishments and those of their peers,

that such opportunities are best provided through properly conducted and equitably administered competitive activities,

that the classroom is enriched by the flow of student energy into the more intensified area of competition and back into the classroom.

Therefore, we affirm that students are the focus of our endeavor and deserve an opportunity to

refine physical and mental aptitudes,

nurture self-realization and build self-confidence,

feel a sense of pride and dignity,

experience teamwork and develop a sense of fair play,

develop the ability to lead and the willingness to follow,

foster self-discipline and preserverance,

appreciate that rules, consistenly applies, create order and discipline,

learn to accept graciously the decisions of judges and officials,

affirm self-worth in times of disappointment as well as adulation,

cultivate lifetime skills,

complement their class work with practice and performance,

have fun,

experience the joy of achieving their potential in a wholesome environment and, discover that ultimately the true meaning of winning is doing one's best.

TMHS UIL Events and Coaches




Academic Coordinator

Janet Stackhouse



Calculator Applications

Carla Williams

Computer Applications

Susan Khoobiar

Computer Science


Current Issues & Events



Jill Chumley

Literary Criticism



Janet Stackhouse

Number Sense


Ready Writing

Canita Lee



Social Studies

Karen Sheffield

Spelling & Vocabulary

Canita Lee

Informative & Persuasive Speaking


Prose & Poetry Interpretation

Kathy Campese