National Winners - Orchestra Honor Project 2021
Congratulations to the Tomball Memorial Chamber Orchestra for being twice recognized as National Winners by the Foundation for Music Education's National Orchestra Honors Project!  This ensemble earned this distinction in both the Full and String orchestra divisions, and was the only group to earn this award in both categories this year. 

The purpose of the Tomball Memorial High School Orchestra Program is to provide high quality orchestral, ensemble, and solo training for young musicians. The TMHS Orchestra Program offers professional musical guidance and a variety of performance and social experiences. Dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in musical education and performance, the orchestra provides the opportunity for students to discover within themselves a source of enrichment, beauty, and a means aesthetic expression, which will last a lifetime.


Students in Orchestra will develop the following concepts and skills:

1. Self-discipline, self-confidence, responsibility and dependable behavior

2. Respect for others, loyalty to the ensemble and pride in the organization

3. Respect for and proper use of equipment

4. The ability to work cooperatively with others toward the performance of music in large and small ensembles


5. A high degree of music reading encompassing: correct rhythm, appropriate tempo, right and left hand technique, dynamics, precision and the ability to be versatile and adjust to any given musical situation


6. A high level of quality artistry through individual musical awareness, control and technical facility


7. The knowledge of a wide variety of orchestral literature


8. A functional knowledge of music history, theory, and terminology


9. The ability to comprehend and foster higher-level thinking skills


Peter Jagdeo

Director of Orchestras,

Tomball Memorial HS

281-357-3230 ext.1123


Kade Eckhardt

Assistant Director of Orchestras,

Tomball Memorial HS

281-357-3230 ext. 1107