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 Welcome to the website for Advanced Placement Modern World History, 2019-2020.  This course is a college level course which will cover the time period 1200 to the Present.   In the last year, College Board has revamped the course to allow for deeper investigation and analysis of historical content.  We will be spending a large amount of time focusing on the skills and content you will need to earn credit on the College Board World History test in May, 2020. Under posts, you will find the course syllabus, class expectations and a supply list. There are also two power points you should view.  More to come! Please read now and come to class the first day ready to go!  I will be adding assignments, power points, and, when applicable, copies of chapters that students will be reading and completing notes on from our text, World Civilizations, the Global Experience, Seventh Edition by Stearns Until we reach the year 1200, we will be engaged in a Foundations Unit which will familiarize students with basic knowledge of the years 8000 BCE to 1200 CE.  On this website, you will fine pages from the ASMCO World History Modern Review Book that will cover the material.
I will be adding a reading calendar for the first grading period.  When it becomes available, you should print this up and put it in your 3 ring binder.  Be advised that the calendar is subject to change dependent upon school activities.  Also, you will find two power points that will familiarize you with Chapter 1 and a map of the world that College Board has divided the world into.   .  Please take the time to watch them and familiarize yourself with the subject matter. 
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