SAT/ACT Test Dates and Resources

The SAT and the ACT are exams colleges use for admission and placement.  Colleges will accept both with no preference.  We recommend that students try both tests to see if they have a preference or if they perform better on one over another. 

See the concordance link below and the pdf. on the right "SAT vs. ACT".


Students may begin to take these tests as early as they want.  However, students may choose to wait to start taking the SAT after they receive their PSAT results late in December/early January of their junior and sophomore years, so that they can use those results to guide their preparation for upcoming SAT administrations.


Seniors who have not already taken the SAT/ACT their junior year may choose to take the earliest exams offered in the fall of their senior year to ensure they meet college application deadlines.  **COVID Update - Many colleges are going test optional for admissions.  Be sure to check with each of your intended colleges to see what their policies are for admission, scholarships, and college placement.  Some colleges are test optional for admission but not for scholarships.  Students may still need to test to show college readiness with SAT/ACT or other assessments like the TSI.**


SAT/ACT Testing Dates for 2020-2021


TMHS School Code 447044

2020-2021 SAT Test Dates

Create an account and at register at:


**If you qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch, you may receive two SAT testing fee waivers. These may be available in your College Board account.  Please see Mrs. Phelan if you have any questions.**


Test Date

Registration Deadline

Late Registration Deadline (w/fee)

Aug. 29

July 31

Aug. 18

Sept. 26

Aug. 26

Sept. 15

Oct. 3

Sept. 4

Sept. 22

Nov. 7

Oct. 7

Oct. 27

Dec. 5

Nov. 5

Nov. 24

March 13

Feb. 12

March 2

May 8

April 8

April 27

June 5

May 6

May 26


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Fees: SAT fee (w/o essay) $52 SAT fee (w/essay) $68 

Late fee $30  Date/Test Center Change Fee $30 Waitlist Fee $53

4 FREE score reports available during registration and up to nine days after the test date 

Any reports requested above the 4 free require an additional $12 per score report



2020-2021 ACT Dates

Create an account and register at:

**If you qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch, you may receive four  ACT testing fee waivers.  Please see Mrs. Phelan for an ACT fee waiver.**


Test Date

Registration Deadline

Late Registration Deadline (w/fee)

Sept. 12, 19

Aug. 31

no late fees

Oct. 10, 17, 24

Sept. 25

no late fees

Dec. 12

Nov. 6

Nov. 7-20

Feb. 6

Jan. 8

Jan. 9-15

April 17

March 12

Mar. 13-26

June 12

May 7

May 8-21

July 17

June 18

June 19-25


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ACT Fee (no writing) $55 ACT + writing $70 Late Fee $35

 Date/Test Center Change Fee $35 Standby Fee $56

4 FREE score reports available during registration 

Any reports requested above the 4 free require an additional fee of $13 per score report




SAT/ACT Registration Guide


  • Be sure to write down your USERNAME and PASSWORD.
  • Register with your PERSONAL email. Your school email blocks most outside emails, and you’ll miss important information.
  • Many students already have a SAT (College Board) account created during PSAT or AP testing. Do not create another account!
  • College Board Help Desk – 1(866)756-7346
  • ACT Help Desk – 1(319)337-1270
  • Double check the date and test location. TMHS is not a test center. However, most CFISD and KISD high schools are test centers.  You will find this information when you register.
  • Make sure you have a headshot photo of yourself saved to your desktop before you register.
  • Not all colleges require the essay. Research the colleges for which you intend to apply.


Fee Waivers

 Juniors who were were eligible for free/reduced lunch last year, should have fee waivers in their College Board account.  To access your pre-loaded fee waiver, you must complete the registration process up to the payment prompt.  Click on the fee waiver request. 



Sending Official Score Reports


  • When you register to take the SAT/ACT, you will be able to choose 4 colleges to send your score report to for free. If you wait to send it later, you will have to pay additional fees.
  • If you are planning to play a sport in college, don’t forget to register with the NCAA ( and send at least one test score to 9999 (NCAA).
  • If you plan to take dual credit classes, Lone Star College will require you to send an official score report. Use one of your free score sends to send your report to LSC System – Woodlands.

College Board SAT Test Day Tips & Policies


ACT Test Day Checklist


SAT/ACT Conversion/Concordance Chart