High School Resume


Your high school resume is a compilation of all of the activities you participated in while in high school. The earlier you start creating your resume, the better off you will be when it comes time to apply to college and/or scholarships. Not all applications will require a specific resume, but they will certainly require the information on it. 


Naviance has a great template for building your resume because it includes the same format required by colleges.  College applications will require not only a description of your activities, but also, the number of hours you spent in these activities per week and weeks per year.


Click HERE to login to Naviance. Then, go to the About Me tab on the top right.  Click on My Stuff.  There you will find the Resume page. 


Once you have completed your resume, you can click on Print/Export Resume toward the top of the page.


After downloading your resume, feel free to make adjustments to font type, size, etc. to  make your resume more visually appealing.  A single page resume is always appreciated.


Good resume tips: