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Crafting Your College List

Rising Seniors,
If you haven't decided which colleges to apply to, please check out the following videos and resources.
Crafting Your College List - presentation by Mrs. Phelan reviewing how to search for colleges and what types of colleges to include in your college list
Great article discussing match & fit in college search:
How to Choose Dream, Target, and Safety Schools
Check out these TMHS alums' videos and what criteria they used when they chose their colleges.
TMHS Grad C/O 2019 - Michelle Byers (will attend Ouchita Baptist University in the fall)
TMHS Grad C/O 2018 - Meredith England (attending Oklahoma City University majoring in acting)
TMHS Grad C/O 2017 - Hyacinth Childs (attended University of St. Louis University in Madrid and now transferring to UH)
TMHS Grad C/O 2016 - Reis Seggebruch (graduate in engineering from Cornell University - recruited for football)