9th Graders

Welcome to your freshman year!  This is the year that sets the pace for your upcoming 4 years in high school.  This is a time to explore and discover who you are.  Take advantage of all the opportunities and make the most of this year!
9th Grade
  • Get organized and establish good study habits
  • Create a SMART Goal in Naviance
  • Set the pace for your academic profile by make the highest grades possible 
  • Get involved - explore your interests through clubs, organizations, and volunteering
  • Start building your resume in Naviance
  • Enter your service hours in x2VOL
  • Complete Strengths Explorer in Naviance and choose favorite career clusters
  • Optional - take the PSAT in October
  • Course selection - consider taking advanced classes if you didn't take them this year
  • Reflect on your accomplishments for the year and evaluate your SMART Goal

November is GenTX Month – a statewide initiative to get students thinking about their post-secondary options with a special emphasis on seniors submitting their college and financial aid applications. Underclassmen can participate by completing tasks in Naviance for a chance to spin the Prize Wheel!


Prize Wheel Prizes include $5 gift cards to various restaurants like Starbucks and Whataburger or a prize from the mystery bag!

9th Grade Tasks

Naviance Login 

  1. Complete the Career Cluster Finder under the Careers tab.
  2. Review your results and choose at least one career cluster to "favorite."
  3. Create a SMART Goal under the My Planner tab.
  4. Build your resume found under About Me >> My Stuff.  Add at least one activity you participate in.  If you don’t have any activities, you can complete the education section.

Once you complete these tasks, complete THIS form.