10th Graders

Hey, Sophomores!
You have your freshman year under your belt and may feel a little more confident in your abilities and plans.  This is the year to expand your skills and challenge yourself a little more!
10th Grade
  • Create a SMART Goal in Naviance based on last year's reflection of grades and accomplishments
  • Consider leadership positions in clubs and organizations
  • Continue to volunteer and enter your hours in x2VOL. Click HERE for more information about the Community Service Cord and requirements.
  • Update your resume in Naviance
  • Complete the Career Key in Naviance and choose favorite careers
  • Start researching potential careers
  • Prepare for and take the PSAT in October
  • Course selection - consider taking advanced classes for next year, including Advanced Placement/Dual Credit
  • Complete SuperMatch College Search in Naviance and start building your college list
  • Reflect on your accomplishments for the year and evaluate your SMART Goal
10th Grade Updates

HOBY - Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership

Empower * Lead * Excel

Be a part of a special leadership conference in June 2021. (Dates TBA)  The HOBY mission is to inspire and develop our global community of youth and volunteers to a life dedicated to leadership, service, and innovation.  To learn more about HOBY visit www.hobytgc.org/what-is-hoby or HERE for a short video on HOBY

TMHS will send one male and one female to the HOBY conference.

Application requirements: Due by midnight on December 11, 2020

  • Resume - submit a resume that includes all of your high school activities/accomplishments.  You can use the Resume Builder in Naviance or create your own.  Click HERE for more information about resumes.
  • Short Essay Responses 
  • Required: In 200 words or less, please describe the most rewarding and challenging aspect of being a leader in your school and community. Make sure to include your name.
  • Choose TWO of the following questions to respond to in 200 words or less.

Optional Question #1

Briefly describe your most meaningful community service experience. 


Optional Question #2

List your personal strengths and give at least one example. (Be as specific as possible) 


Optional Question #3

Is there anything unusual or unique about your family - cultural background, traditions, shared interests, and activities, family size, crises, etc.- that has had a significant impact on you? 


Optional Question #4

If your counselor just arrived to TMHS this year and met over 500 students, how could he/she remember you? What sets you apart? 


Optional Question #5

What are you considering as your major in college and why? Do you have any experience that will prepare you for that major?

Click HERE to submit your short answer responses and your resume. You must be signed in to your school Google account.


All students will receive results notification by December 15th.

November is GenTX Month – a statewide initiative to get students thinking about their post-secondary options with a special emphasis on seniors submitting their college and financial aid applications. Underclassmen can participate by completing tasks in Naviance for a chance to spin the Prize Wheel!


Prize Wheel Prizes include $5 gift cards to various restaurants like Starbucks and Whataburger or a prize from the mystery bag!


This opportunity has been extended through January. I will announce winners during my class visits.

Naviance Login 

10th Grade Tasks

  1. Complete the Career Key under the Careers tab.
  2. Review your results and choose at least one career to "favorite."
  3. Complete the SuperMatch College Search.
  4. Favorite at least one college.
  5. Build your resume found under About Me >> My Stuff.  Add at least one activity you participate in.  If you don’t have any activities, you can complete the education section.

Once you complete these tasks, complete THIS form.