12th Graders

Hello, Seniors!
You made it!  This is a year to remember.  This is the year to finalize your post high school plans.  Get organized and take care of everything early, so you can enjoy all the upcoming senior activities. 

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Community Service Cord

The Class of 2022 needs 120 approved community service hours to be eligible for the service cord to be worn at graduation.  This is NOT REQUIRED TO GRADUATE.

If you would like to earn the service cord, you must meet the following deadlines.  Hours must be submitted to the Student Link portal in Home Access Center.  (I will notify you when that platform is ready to be used.)

By January 1st of the senior year - must have 100 hours entered AND verified in x2VOL

By March 1st of the senior year - must have the remaining 20 hours entered AND verified in x2VOL

FINAL DEADLINE - By April 1st of the senior year - All hours will be reviewed for final approval.

Preparing for the next step

  • Complete the Post High School Plan found in the CO 22 Google Classroom
  • Resume - compile all of your extracurricular activities, work/leadership experience, etc. into one document
  • Start creating a list of potential colleges using an online tool like Cappex.com
  • Research academic programs, location, size, cost, activities, etc.
  • Research entrance requirements (required test scores, deadlines, essay requirements, scholarship opportunities, etc.).
  • Use your Post High School Plan found in the Google Classroom to make notes.
  • Be sure to include at least one of each of these in your college list: dream/target/safety school.

  • College Days - Seniors are allowed 2 absences to visit colleges with pre-approval.  These won’t count against your final exemptions.  See your AP office.

  • Study and register for college entrance exams - Although many colleges are “test-optional,” you will need to provide test scores to prove college readiness.  Plan to take these as many times as needed to achieve your highest score.  You will want your best test scores for college admission and scholarship opportunities.

  • Letters of Recommendation: Ask teachers, coaches, and/or employers who know you well to write you a letter of recommendation for college applications/scholarships.
  • Not all colleges will require these, but many scholarships will.
  • Give your recommenders at least 2 weeks to write your letter.
  • Provide a resume/brag sheet.
  • Write them a “thank you” note with an update about admission or scholarship offer

  • Transcripts - a transcript will be required when applying to 4 year colleges for admission but may not be required for 2 year colleges.  All colleges will require a final transcript, which may be requested in spring.  You will be notified when you can request final transcripts. Many scholarships may require a transcript.
  • Seniors will be able to request transcripts through Student Link found in the Home Access Center.
  • Official transcripts $2/Unofficial transcripts $1
  • Students who are eligible for free/reduced lunch are exempt from these fees.
  • Please allow the registrar 2-3 days for processing. Then, follow up with your college for receipt of transcriptsYou can track all of your required items in your college portal.
  • Bacterial Meningitis Requirement - all entering college students are required to show proof of an initial meningococcal vaccination or a booster dose during the five-year period prior to enrolling.

College Application Process for 4 Year Colleges

Submit applications and supplemental items way in advance of the deadline.  Many selective programs have an October/November priority deadline. You can always add, but you can never take back what you submit, so be sure to check and double-check before submitting.

College Application Platforms:  Check each college to see what application platform they use/recommend.  Apply Texas and Common App are the most popular. You can create one profile and apply to several colleges.

  • For many private and/or out-of-state universities, complete the application at common app.org. Additional forms and reports will be required for the Common Application.

4 Requirements for a Complete Application to a 4 Year College

  1. Application (may include essays, short answers, resume information, etc.)
  2. Official Test Scores (from testing agency) - test scores are NOT included on your transcript
  3. Official Transcript 
  4. Application Fee (may be waived if you qualify for free/reduced lunch)

Many colleges include scholarship applications with admissions applications. Be sure to complete before submitting.

Check with each of your colleges for other specific requirements. You should be prompted to create an account with your college within a day or two of applying.  Then, you can check that you have submitted all your required items on your checklist.

Application Process to a 2 Year College

  • Check college website for admissions application
  • Click HERE for more information
  • May use SAT/ACT scores for placement
  • May use TSI - less expensive and may test as many times as needed

Financial Aid & Scholarships

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

  • Application for federal grants, loans, and work study. Maybe required by colleges and most scholarships
  • NOW REQUIRED for graduation!
  • Opens Oct. 1st - not before!
  • Follow these Quick Instructions to prepare to apply for FAFSA.
  • Complete using parents’ 2020 taxes
  • May include up to 10 colleges

TASFA (Texas Application for State Financial Aid)

  • May be completed by students who are not eligible for federal aid through the FAFSA
  • Check website for eligibility



  • Be sure to complete the scholarships section when applying to colleges.  Some are included in the admissions application. Some have a separate scholarship application.
  • Be on the lookout for local scholarships in spring and checkout Scholarships Bulletin.
  • Use a free scholarship search tool to find scholarships for which you might want to apply. Some deadlines fall as early as the summer between 11th/12th grade.  There are scholarships available for every grade but the majority are for graduating seniors.

Sign up for College Board Opportunity Scholarships - complete required items for your chance to win a scholarship!