Dual Credit

I have College Algebra DC (or Statistics) in my fall schedule.  Why isn't in listed in MyLoneStar account?
College Algebra DC and Statistics DC are full year courses at TMHS but only one semester classes at Lone Star College.  You will register and pay for these classes in November during spring registration.
Why is the MyLonestar portal telling me it is "blocked"?
Be sure to log in to your MyLoneStar account by using a desktop computer.  It is not mobile friendly.  If you are on a desktop, you can try switching browsers.  
What are all these "holds" for new student orientation, bacterial meningitis, etc.?
Disregard these, these holds do not apply to dual credit students. The only holds you shouldn't ignore are Residency Holds.  Usually, you just need to complete a questionnaire.
What do I need to do to clear a Residency Oath hold?
  • Log in to your MyLonestar account. 
  • Click on the Student Icon.
  • Click on the Task icon.
  • The Residency Oath should be there for you to complete.
When I log onto my Lone Star account, it requires me to confirm some information about my major and what time I want to take my classes.  How do I answer these?
Just do your best answering these.  These are not meant for DC students.  The answers won't impact your dual credit registration.  
What do I do if I don't remember my username/password for MyLonestar account?
You can call the LSC Help Desk - 832-813-6600.  They are available 24/7.
What if I already paid, and I still have a balance in my account?
Please contact the Cashier's Office:
LSC- Tomball
Where can I get a transcript for my dual credit classes?
For unofficial transcripts, follow these instructions:
  • Log into your myLoneStar account.
  • Choose the “Student” tab at the top.
  • Choose “My Classes” in the boxed below that tab.
  • In the drop down on that link, choose “View Unofficial Transcript.”
  • In the box next to “Report Type” that pops up, choose “Advising Transcript.” 
  • You may need to enable pop-ups.
  • Click “View Report.”
For official transcripts which cost $9, follow the same instructions above.  Just choose "Request Official Transcript."  Be prepared to enter your social security number, LSC ID, and payment information.
Click HERE for more information about official transcripts.
Click HERE to watch a video on how to request an official Lone Star College transcript.
How do I see what classes I'm registered for?
Click HERE to view how to see your classes in your MyLonestar account using your computer.
Click HERE to view how to see your classes in your MyLonestar account on your phone. 
For other LSC videos, subscribe to their Youtube Channel.

Every dual credit student has a Lone Star College email. You can access your LSC email through the MyLoneStar website.

  • Log into your MyLoneStar account (do not use Chrome)
    • Trouble logging in? Call the LSC Help Desk at 832-813-6600 and ask to have your password reset, which allows you to reset your security questions
  • Click on the Student Email tab
  • You will be prompted to log in
As a reminder, dual credit students are NOT required to submit proof of bacterial meningitis vaccination, send a transcript, or attend New Student Orientation. Dual credit students are considered exceptional admits, and those things are not required. Holds will be shown on your account, and you will not get to 100% complete on the application process. If you attend Lone Star College after graduation, you’ll then need to complete those things, but for now please just ignore the holds.