Dual Credit

Current DC Students: Check the course and cost charts above to make sure your LSC accounts are correct.  Payment instructions are on the right hand side of this or you can check out the videos provided by LSC.
All FIRST TIME dual credit students are required to attend a mandatory dual credit meeting.  Attending one of the Dual Credit Experience sessions fulfills this requirement!  
*If you weren't able to attend any of the previous meetings, stay tuned to future First Time Dual Credit Student meetings on the TMHS campus with Mrs. Phelan in January (dates TBA).
This event is NOT for current dual credit students.  Mrs. Phelan will meet with current dual credit students in January 2020.
DC courses

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If you need assistance with logging in to your account, please contact the LSC Help Desk at 1(866)614-5014. 


If you need to make a payment plan or need assistance understanding your statement, please contact the LSC Cashier’s Office at (281)357-3754. 


When paying, you might see HOLDS pop up.  Please disregard these.  They do not pertain to our dual credit students.