This site provides students, teachers, parents, and counselors with links to products and services offered by LMCI. Teachers and counselors will discover materials, tools, and information that will help them to provide effective career counseling in helping students make informed college and career decisions.

This site provides a wealth of resources in learning more about a variety of careers in our society.  Once you choose a particular career, it will tell you how to start building your skills in high school; how to earn a degree in that career, as well as the various types of degrees in that field; how to take advantage of internships; how to develop a compelling portfolio; and a toolkit of skills, credentials, tools, and technology, as well as hot jobs in that career, and so much more.  They also provide a "Get Hired Toolkit" and a multitude of other career resources.

Also available in schools and libraries, O*NET provides full information on occupations, including compensation, employment prospects, and skill matching for students.  Information on compensation is available on a state-by-state basis.

This website is for the exploration of career fields and the college programs to get there.  It also provides a career guidance tool that allows you to respond to questions and identify your top three Career Clusters™ of interest based on your responses.  This is for educational purposes only.

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