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Welcome students and parents! U.S. Government is a study in how our system of government works. This is a ONE SEMESTER class that is a requirement to graduate. I look forward to a great semester with you!
Tutoring: Wednesday Afternoon (3:00 - 3:20)
Conference Period: 7th Period (1:59 - 2:50)
Twitter: @CoachRustTMHS
Remind: Text @tmhsgf19 to 81010
Grading Policy:
  • Major Grades (at least 3 per grading period) – 70% of grade
    • Tests
    • Writing Assignments
    • Projects
  • Daily Grades (at least 9 per grading period) – 30% of grade
    • In class work (daily work through the Google Classroom)
    • Quizzes (double daily)
    • Notebook Check (double daily)
  • Gradebook
    • 0 = missing and cannot make up, or received no credit for assignment
    • 1 = missing and can turn in for a late grade
    • Anything over a 1 = final grade
    • Test grade below a 70 can do test corrections once a grading period
    • Blank grades means that grade has not been entered
    • Extra Credit Assignments will be labeled with EC in the assignment title