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Tomball Memorial students experience the ultimate outcome based educational experience every day in the journalism room.

Students start by taking Journalism class as an elective. They learn the basics of journalism and get to help with the yearbook, newspaper, and broadcasting class. Students learn how to use Photoshop, InDesign, and Adobe Premiere. They learn to write a variety of journalism stories, and the really good stories are published online at or in the print edition of the newspaper. My goal for this class is to teach the students the skills they need to work on the yearbook, newspaper, and broadcast class the next year. They get to work on each publication to help them decide which program to register for next year. For more information see the Journalism page.

The Yearbook students produce an exceptional book every year. This year’s book will have 264 pages. The students plan the book, go to camp at A&M, plant tours in Dallas, and conferences in Austin or San Antonio. They all master InDesign and Photoshop. Strong writing skills and computer skills are a big help in this class. Artists and photographers are invaluable. If you can do it all, you are probably editor material. Being able to go interview people is a must – yearbook students get to know everyone in the school. Students create every page from scratch – they take the pictures, design the page, put all the elements in the computer, edit, and edit, and edit some more. They work together and meet every deadline. The yearbook staff meets one Saturday a month from October to February to work on the book.  If you would like to join the staff, come by room 1025 and talk to us.

Advanced Broadcast is a production class that serves the Student Publications program and the school. Every week we create the video morning announcements and other videos that are needed for yearbook, the online newspaper, and the school. Students need to be good writers, have advanced computer skills, and be willing to work the camera and stand in front of it. Students plan the videos, conduct interviews, write stories, serve as anchors, reporters and camera operators. Students learn to use Adobe Premiere to create the videos.

Tomball Memorial has two newspapers. The TMHS Post is printed and online at Newspaper students work on the online newspaper each week and produce four print editions per year. Students interview sources, write stories, take pictures, produce infographics, and videos. They design the paper using InDesign and Photoshop. Newspaper students also compete at UIL Competitions every spring. We have a tradition of winning especially in the features competition. Every year the students take trips across Texas. We travel to UT for the ILPC Conference every April and go to camp in the summer.

Photojournalism is a one semester class that teaches students how to take really great photos. We study a variety of composition techniques and learn how to use cameras. We take lots of pictures, and students must have their own camera for this class. Students master Photoshop and learn to use InDesign. Students also learn how to write captions and organize photos into our filing system. If you want to be a photographer for yearbook or newspaper, this class is a tremendous help.