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Ms. Higley's Homepage

Welcome to the Higley homepage
About Ms. Higley:
She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Arts in History and Religious Studies focusing on American Religious history and culture. Ms. Higley currently teaches Advanced Placement United States History (APUSH_ Current Events, and World World Religions, and also serves as the academic UIL coach for Current Issues and Events.  She's best reached via email-
For all students:
Google classroom and the remind app are used for all updates, notifications, files, and assignments. Your adults are invited to gain guardian access. All access codes will be given in class. 
For APUSH students:
You will be expected to join AP Classroom for personal progress checks and exam registration. You will be expected to do this by 8/23/2019.
When can you get help?
Conference:  2nd period  (for non-school folk that's 8:35-9:30)
Morning Tutoring:     MTWTh  7:00-7:35
Afternoon Tutoring:  MTWTh  3:00-3:45
or by appointment