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Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year! I am extremely excited and feel incredibly blessed to be at Tomball Memorial High School! This will be my nineteenth year teaching (twentieth coaching). 

As a teacher, I set high expectations for myself and for my students.  I expect to actively involve my students in class discussions, written responses, group work, and projects during the year and to encourage the incorporation of analytical skills in close reading, application of grammar, and composition.  Although practicing these skills will, at the very least, fulfill high school English requirements, ultimately, honing them will prove to be a lifelong investment.  Close reading emphasizes looking beyond the text itself and promotes connections from structural analysis to meaning.  Knowledge of the tools of language and grammar will enable students to analyze more effectively, and as a result, write more effectively.  I expect my students to emerge not only better prepared for upper level English courses, but empowered as more critical thinkers.

Each day, I expect students to report to class promptly, to be prepared with books and supplies, to participate in class activities, to respect the rights and property of others, and to strive to achieve your personal best.