Jarad Borowicz » Bio


I am looking forward to this year and am extremely excited to be teaching and coaching at Tomball Memorial High school.
A little about me:
Before teaching I have worked as a firefighter and also hold a TCOLE to be a certified police officer. I switched to teaching because of my love of history and sports. I enjoy traveling, hiking, scuba diving, rappelling, game night, roller coasters and barbecues. 
As a teacher I have high expectations for myself and my students. The most important expectation or rule is that you must learn in my class, it may not be what I was going for but as long as your learning and growing I am usually content. I will expect students to get out of their comfort zones and try to new ways of learning and new activities. 
Please come every day with a smile, your supplies for the day, and a open mind with motivation as a focus.
Looking forward to the great year.