Theresa Farthing- Tomball Memorial FFA

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Hello parents and students, this will be my seventh year teaching all high school levels and third year at Tomball Memorial High School. I received a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Agriculture- Agricultural Business and a Minor of Secondary Education at Sam Houston State University.


My Teaching Philosophy:


Anatole France once said, “It is better to understand a little than to misunderstand a lot.” Every time I read this quote, it boosts my desire to teach more and more. I love teaching because my teaching teachers instilled a love for learning and helping others in me. Because of them I  always strive for more, to truly understand what I am trying to learn so that I might be able to teacher others.  My agriculture teachers were educators who became my mentors and my friends. If it were not for them I do not know what I would be doing with my life.


    As an agricultural educator I have learned that there is more to being a teacher than instilling book knowledge in the minds of students. Teaching agriculture is to use written text as well as life knowledge that will help them for the rest of their existence. As a teacher I am an authority figure however, I will also be somebody that my students can go to in a time of need.  I want my students to count on me like I did my own teachers. In a situation where a student needs advice, helping them is teaching them.


    When a student can truly learn and gain knowledge from the lesson that the teacher is teaching, that is when a teacher is doing their job.  I use new and old teaching techniques in order to make sure that my students are getting the most out of every lesson.  I am sure that I grab my student’s full attention from the get-go, engaged students are usually happier and more connected (Jensen, 2005).  I want my students to be drawn in from the moment I start; a teacher who lectures all day does not reach every student. I also plan to keep myself updated with the newest teaching ideas so my students are never missing out on new and emerging ideas. As a teacher I embrace Cooperative Learning.


    As a teacher I hope to be a mentor, an honorable person, and someone who is always there for their students. A great teacher never stops learning; they are always looking for new and inventive ways to educate their students.


  Teaching agriculture was a passion instilled in me by my own agriculture teachers, that is why I teach and it is why teaching agriculture is so important to me.  I aspire that my students will gain knowledge of agriculture, its importance and how agriculture plays a vital role in everyone’s day to day life. I also look forward to my students gaining an appreciation for agriculture, even if it is not what they plan on doing as a future career.


I teach Advanced Animal Science, Wildlife, Vet Med and Practicum. My conference period is 7th period.  


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