Kelsey Sprunger » Welcome!


Welcome to Science! I teach Physics and IPC. I am starting my 3rd year here at TMHS.
I have a degree in Food Science from Texas A&M University Gig'em! 

My daily schedule is: 1st period Physics, 2nd Period Physics, 3rd Period Physics, 4th period Physics, 5th period Physics, 6th period Physics, 7th period Conference. 
My tutoring times are mornings on Monday,Wednesday, Friday and Tuesday/Thursday afternoon. However, if you need help another time please speak to me and I might be able to accommodate. 
Google classroom codes: 
1st period-wahwdaho
2nd period- frlwrit
3rd period- yu6qqh
4th period- cyvc6v
5th period- cq1ov0
6th period-pa60dm