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Tomball Memorial High School

Community Service Cord

Tomball ISD Community Service Cord Recognition
***The community service tracker is now available in TISD Student Link.  Parents, this platform is for students.  It is the student's responsibility to enter and track their hours.  Thank you!!***
Community service is highly beneficial for all students in many ways.  Even though volunteering is rewarding in and of itself, students may earn a community service cord to be worn at the high school graduation ceremony.  
The number of hours required to earn the service cord have been adjusted to 120 total hours for Classes 2021-2024. The requirement for class of 2025 and beyond will be reassessed.
Please note: this is not a requirement for graduation. 

Community Service Tracking Logs/Form
Students may download and print the forms below to help track service hours.  You can track all your hours on one log with signatures for each date or choose to combine all hours into one form like the 3rd one below.  You can then enter one entry per organization and upload the form as proof of service into the new platform.  These are just a suggestion to make the process easier.  You are welcome to use your own log or form as long as all the requirements above are met.