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Tomball Memorial High School

Community/Junior Colleges

Community College: FAQ - There are many great reasons to choose a community college. College Board's Big Future program highlights some of the great aspects of attending a community college.
Community College Finder - The American Association of Community Colleges will help students find a community college throughout the United States. Many students would like to attend college outside of their hometown without paying the cost of attending a four year university right away.
Transferring College Credits - Texas Common Course Numbering System - Many students plan on transferring from a community college to a four year university. The Texas Common Course Numbering System website can help students determine if their credits will transfer. **Please make sure you are being advised by your university you plan on transferring to for the final determination of credit transfer. 
Click on "Compare Schools"
Use the drop down menu to select your schools in which you are attending and transferring to.
Click "Compare Courses"
You will then be given a chart with three columns. The first column is a list of all the common courses. The second and third columns are the two institutions in which you are comparing.
Popular community and junior colleges in Texas
Alamo Community College - Alamo Community Colleges are located in the San Antonio and surrounding areas. Our students will be considered out of district, which will affect their tuition rate.
Austin Community College - Austin Community College system is located in the Austin area. Our students will be considered out of district, which may affect their tuition rate.
Blinn College - Blinn College has two locations, Brenham and Bryan. Students may apply to either campus using one application.
Houston Community College - The Houston Community College system has some wonderful things to offer with many campus locations. Our students will be considered out of district, which may affect their tuition rates.
San Jacinto College - San Jac has several locations in the Southeast part of Houston. Our students will be considered out of district, which may affect their tuition rates.
Lone Star College - Lone Star College is a highly rated community college system. Many locations are right here in our back yard! Not sure what you want to do after you graduate from high school? LSC is a great option! Whether you want to pursue an associate degree (two year), earn a certificate, or simply take a continuing education course they have it all. If you are a senior and ready to begin the enrollment process.
McLennan Community College - Being right in Waco, Texas, McLennan is a great choice for many students wanting to attend Baylor University after they receive their associate degree.
Tyler Junior College - Beautiful 137-acre treelined campus. 1/3 the cost of a four-year institution. More than 115 degree and certificate programs. 1200 students living on campus in 8 residence halls.