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Tomball Memorial High School

Letters of Recommendation

Some colleges and scholarship committees may request letters of recommendation to help get a better picture of you as a student. These letters may be requested from teachers, coaches, counselors, or anyone who can add more about your character and work ethic.  
You may use any of the request forms below when requesting a letter.  Be sure to allow your recommender at least 3 weeks to write your letter.  Some recommenders just want a copy of your resume.  See the section on High School Resumes on the right for examples.  Your counselor would appreciate a response to the prompts listed in the "TMHS Counselor Recommendation Prompts."
Be sure to check with the schools where you are applying to see if the letter may be submitted electronically. Many schools will prompt you to create an account where you can electronically upload documents.  Some schools will allow you to send an email request to your teacher/counselor where he/she may upload the document to their system directly.  This is usually a preferred and faster submission method for many schools.
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