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Tomball Memorial High School

Student Parking Permits

TMHS Student Parking

As the new school year approaches, we are excited to welcome both returning and new students to Tomball Memorial High School! This letter outlines important information regarding the application process for student parking permits for the 2024-2025 school year.

Limited Parking Availability

Due to the growing size of our student body, parking availability on campus is limited. In order to ensure a fair and organized system, student parking permits will be issued through a lottery system.  We will prioritize Seniors, then Juniors, and finally Sophomores.  All SENIORS who complete the application and return the forms to the Main Office of TMHS by July 29th at 10:00am will be GUARANTEED a parking spot.


  • Students must be at least 16 years old with a valid driver's license and insurance.

  • Students must fill out a Random Drug Testing Form.

Application Process

Paperwork to secure a student parking spot at TMHS will open on July 1st.  Students must complete all the steps below, and deliver any paper forms to TMHS by July 29th at 10:00am before being placed in the lottery for a parking spot.  (Please note the date the paperwork is returned does not give a student priority for the lottery process.)

TMHS is closed the week of July 1st-July 5th, we will begin accepting paperwork on Monday, July 8th. 

Business Hours for TMHS are Monday-Thursday 8:00am-4:00pm. Online
  1. Fill out the following Electronic Parking Application (Link Here)
    • Hard Copy of the following Forms and Documents that must be printed and physically turned into Tomball Memorial by July 29, 10:00am
  2. Fill out the 2024-2025 Student Parking Permit Information Form  (Link Here)
  3. Fill out the Random Drug Testing Form  (Link here to form)
  4. Bring a Copy of your VALID Insurance and Driver's License (permits will not be accepted)
SENIORS ONLY if applying for a painted parking spot, bring the copy of the parking design for approval.  (Application) (Instructions)
SENIORS ONLY Receipt for $40 or $100 (Senior Painted) Paid Online via SchoolCash (Screenshot showing amount paid and date is OK.)  (How to pay information here)
**Please note, due to availability, only Seniors will pay for their spot when applying.  All Juniors and Sophomores who receive a spot through the lottery will pay within 5 days of receiving the spot.)**


Selection Process

A lottery will be conducted to select students who will be awarded parking permits. The lottery will be held on July 29, 2024, beginning at noon and results will be communicated to students via their school email address by July 30, 2024.  All SENIORS who complete the application and return the forms to the Main Office of TMHS by July 29th at 10:00am will be RANDOMLY ASSIGNED a parking spot based on their preferred lot and type of space request (Athletics vs. Fine Arts and Painted vs. Not Painted).  Students will not choose spots this year and will not be allowed to change spots once drawn.  Seniors will be able to begin painting their parking spots on Sunday, August 4th.

Following the Senior Parking Lottery, a lottery will then be conducted for all Juniors and then Sophomores who have completed the application process by July 29th at 10:00am.  Students who receive a spot will be notified and will be required to pay within 5 school days.  The remaining applicants will be placed on a waitlist for parking.

Additional Information

Students who are awarded parking permits will be responsible for reading, agreeing to abide by the Parking Rules and Regulations as set forth by Tomball Memorial High School and by Tomball ISD in the TISD Student Handbook.  A parking permit may be revoked due to excessive absences/tardies, or a failed RDT.  Refunds will not be given in the event a student has their parking permit revoked.  

For any questions regarding the student parking permit application process, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Granquist at